At 'Oz Style' we love special projects!

Many homes in particularly architecturally designed homes are built to be aesthetically pleasing however at times these homes are not considerate of the future and envisaging the difficulties and limitations some owners of these homes will face furnishing it with internal window furnishings or awnings.

At times the limitations or difficulties may be easily identified and at other times it ,may not be as visible.

It can be related to different shaped windows, other times it may be due to certain materials used to construct the home making it difficult due to application. There are also occasions where gaining access to the window internally and externally may be difficult, this can be due to height or simply due to being in an awkward position. There are even times when simple projects can be made difficult due to obstructions or complications associated.

These types of projects do not necessarily need to be large scale projects and can small jobs and be related to any product. One thing these projects have in common are they are complex and have a high risk of errors occurring, these are the type of jobs we consider to be a special project.

Whilst others over quote these orders or walk away at 'Oz Style' we find these jobs most satisfying.

Our product knowledge and technical experience in peforming these projects allows us to find the products viable and ways to overcome the technical difficulties to achieve success with any of these projects.

Look no further than Oz Style if you have some vision others are saying may not be possible.

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Pre-Installation planning appointment (PIPA)

At Oz Style generally we do not put our customers through unnecessary check measures which are inconvenient.

If a project is considered a special project, it may be subject to what we call a ‘PIPA’. The purpose of this appointment is for various reasons, obviously the intent is to minimize the chance of an error occurring on the project however more importantly on most occasions the pre-installation planning appointment is performed by a technical expert in the field who will most likely also perform the installation.

This appointment also means these complex jobs are viewed by 2 highly technical specialists who can discuss the best way for the project to be done and to avoid any communication and planning breakdowns and also to minimise any surprises

The following products will on most occasions include a pre-installation planning appointment.

  • Folding Arm Awnings
  • Pleated Patio Pleats
  • Conservatory style awnings (TENSIONED ROLLERS)
  • Various type of external louvres (TROPICAL, SUNLINE, SUNDREAM)
  • Plantation shutters

Generally, these types of products listefd above are expensive and can also be very complex and heavy.

It is also important that special projects get installed correctly the 1st time and be safe!

We do not believe in a 'she’ll be right mentality', so nothing gets installed with that type of mentality in mind and if its not safe it doesn't go up until it is.

To achieve best results at times special brackets can be engineered specially for the project, hired equipment to safely install the product may be required or any other material, hardware or equipment if deemed neccesary.

Unfortunately every quote that is deemed to be a special project is subject to change until the completion of the 'PIPA', To avoid customers perception that this secondary appointment may be seen to be reveune raising we promise that if the quote changes in price in any way the customer is given a no questions asked "OUT' clause and cancel the order with a full refund of their deposit.

Please note: This service is provided at no extra charge to a customer but is only available if a deposit is paid to procced with a quote.  

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