Drapes, Sheers, Padded Pelmets, Soft furnishing Romans, Swags and tails, etc.


'Ageless and classical!'

Some view drapes/curtains as old fashioned however many consider drapes or curtains the ultimate when it comes to window furnishings!

In the right environment nothing makes a greater impression than drapes/curtains !

Drapes offer superb sun protection and light control. They are brilliant for achieving black out and perform very well in insulating a home in all seasons. Drapes are also well renowned for filtering and reducing noise.

With so many fabric houses around the world and the countless amount of plains, textured, striped, patterned, colours and shades of fabrics available the ‘sky is the limit’ with the spectacular finishes that can be achieved.

This is part of the reason why drapes are so popular when it comes to enthusiasts of interior decorating.

Available in various finishes sometimes only drapes will do!


'Elegant and Classy'

Sheers are the perfect accompaniment for drapes/curtains!

They can also be fabulous in their own right or combined with various types of blinds.

Sheers add style, elegance and atmosphere to a home. They will also add a sense of warmth to a home . During the day sheers can filter light into a room whilst maintaining a sense of privacy. 

Available in fabrics that are transparent or translucent and available in many headers and finishes sheers produce a look like no other!

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Different types of Drapes and Sheers

There are different types of drapes and sheers and this is generally due to the fabric used for manufacturing and header types and finishes available

These are as follows

Pinch Pleat Curtains

These types of Curtains are generally the most popular style of curtains.

They come in single, double and triple pleat versions and can even be in 4 and 5 pinch version if absolutely required.

The major difference between the various pleats is the fullness and gather created by the number of pleats used. These types of curtains are renowned for producing a more formal finish especially in the 3, 4 and 5 pleat versions. Generally, there is no reason to go beyond triple pleat as the cost of the drapes increase with each pleat finish due to the fabric requirements increasing and costs accordingly.

Single Pleated Curtains also known as 'New York Pleat'

Singe pleat curtains are a consistent pleat that is evenly distributed along the header of the curtain.   

They require less fabric than double or triple pleat. As a result, some would argue they lack the fullness that the double and triple pleat provide however it really comes down to personal tastes as some people like the simplistic look they produce!

Single pleated curtains generally have a fullness of approx x 1.8 

Double pleated Curtains also known as Dutch Pleat

Double pleat curtains are a consistent double pleat that is evenly distributed along the header of the curtain. The double pleat creates a uniform and neatly stacking curtain fold which is very popular, the double pleat will use less fabric than the triple pleat, so it will create less fullness and gather than the triple pleat but again it comes down to personal taste. Although double pleat curtains will be slightly more expensive than the single pleat they will be slightly cheaper than the triple pleat.   

Double Pleat curtains generally have a fullness of approx  x 2.0

Triple pleated Curtains also known as French pleat

Triple pleat curtains are a consistent triple pleat that is evenly distributed along the header of the curtain.

This finish is extremely popular as it is viewed as the ideal finish in relation to fullness and gather in the pleated series of curtains.

The triple pleat creates a fullness and stacking that is viewed by most to be ideal balance. The fullness and gather a triple pleat achieves is ideally suited to any environment.

Triple pleat curtains generally have a fullness of approx x 2.2

Goblet Pleated Curtains

This type of curtain gets its name from the look created on the header which looks like a goblet. These types of drapes are ideal for static curtains, so they look fantastic when they are closed but not nearly as good when they are in open position. This can make this type of curtain more ideal for sheers than will on most occasions be in a closed position.

Many consider this finish to be ideal in extremely formal areas or areas with very high ceilings so if you are looking for an opulent and dramatic finish this is ideal!

Inverted Pleat Curtains (Box Pleat)

The inverted pleat also known as box pleat curtain is like the goblet pleated curtain in that it is best suited as a static curtain.  The pleat is in reverse, so it does not fold like a pinch pleat however in the closed position the finish could be described as 'tailored' and or even 'formal’.

The inverted pleat curtain is ideal for transparent or translucent fabrics so is ideal for sheers.

Pencil Pleat Curtains also known as 'Gather Tape Curtain'

This type of curtain is also a popular choice for many due mainly to its ability to be gathered to suit.

This makes this finish a very popular choice for ‘readymade’ curtain manufacturers. The heading looks like a line of pencils and is very versatile for different width curtains.

The header on these types of curtains can make them look less formal and even casual looking compared to other curtains however they have the ability to look in place in more formal environments if manufactured in certain fabrics.

Pencil pleat curtains are ideal for drapes/curtains and sheers.

Eyelet Curtains

These types of curtains are created by evenly distributed holes on the header of the fabric surrounded by metal eyelets.

These eyelets allow for decorative and different styles of rods to go through the eyelets producing the look that is described as ‘eyelet’.

They can also be decorated with different types and styles of rods to suit all tastes.

Eyelets are also popular in the ‘readymade’ market due to their versatility as they can be hung in tighter or looser folds depending on the width of the tracks. They can create a modern look however eyelet curtains are recommended for narrower windows or fabrics that are lighter due limitations.

Tab Top Curtains

Not as popular but loved by some the tab top curtain is loops of fabric sewn to the top of the curtain allowing a pole to go through the header created. These types of curtains are not ideal for bedrooms due to the light they allow in however can be ideal for more informal living areas and are more ideally manufactured in sheer or translucent fabrics.

like Eyelet curtains they can also be decorated with different types and styles of rods to suit all tastes.

S-Fold Curtains (Wave Curtains)

The S-Fold curtain has become the latest trend within curtains in recent years.

The finish it produces can best be described as consistent waves occurring throughout the width of the curtain which also resembles a consistent series of shaped folds resembling the letter ‘S’.

This effect is produced by the specially built track or rod looking track that accompanies the curtain. This is also seen as a feature with the product.

If you don’t want to see the track of a curtain or want the curtain track hidden behind your curtain, then this style of curtain is not for you!

This finish is also suited to single coated fabrics as adding a separate block out lining on fabrics especially if they have a high composition of polyester can produce adverse effects.

Rod Pocket Curtains

Curtains of this type are generally used for readymade curtains.

A pocket runs along the whole width of the curtain which enable the rod to be put through. This makes them difficult to operate so makes them more suitable for static use.

As a result, rod pockets are more suitable to be used for sheers and translucent curtains that do not need to be open or closed constantly.

No matter what type of curtains/sheers and finishes you are looking for Oz Style window furnishings can make your visions come to life

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Padded Pelmets, fabric covered hard pelmets and swags & tails, tie backs and accessories 

Padded Pelmets

'It all comes down to personal taste"

Padded pelmets are an accompaniment to curtains but not essential. For some people who don't want to see the curtain track or who don't want to see the header of a curtain they are ideal.

Some people also feel they are a necessary accessory to curtains due to their ability to reduce light glow from the top of the curtain or to give them an extra customized look but it truly does come to tastes.

Padded pelmets come in many finishes from the simple plain straight shaped to patterned finishes, they can be covered with the same fabric as the drape to create a uniformed look or can be covered by a different fabric to create contrast.

Padded pelmets are suited to homes that are grand or with high ceilings but can be accompanied with any sheer or drape if desired.

Fabric Coloured Hard Pelmets 

Fabric covered hard pelmets are generally customer made pelmets to accompany blinds and curtains. They are not as grand or ornate looking as the traditional padded pelmets. 

Although these type pf pelmets can be used in conjunction with curtains they are more commonly being used to dress up blinds where they hide the tubes of roller blinds and other blinds. They generally get covered by the same fabric as the blind fabric to create a clean and stylish finish.

Unlike the padded pelmets these type of pelmets finished with straight finishes. however these type of pelmets can also be custom made as it  allows one to choose the size of projection from wall and height desired as well as the width required.

Swags and Tails, tie backs and accessories

At Oz Style we have a range of swags and tails that cater to any tastes including many types of tie backs and accessories to suit any tastes.

Swags and tails are seen as old fashioned and out dated by some but for people looking for a fancy finish swags and tails will produce a look like no other.

In todays market there are also many types of finishes from tie backs, to tie downs to many other accessories related to soft furnishings so if you have a vision or a look in mind contact Oz Style today and start putting your visions into reality!

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