Awnings and External coverings

The Australian way of living is perfectly suited to entertaining and spending time outside the home. Whether you are entertaining during the day or in the evening we have the perfect outdoor product to meet your needs.

Our outdoor menu has many products that will shelter you and your home from the harsh Australian sun. These include products that are familiar to you from our traditional range but also include many more from our exciting ‘New Wave’ range.

Our Traditional range is great value for money and they are a practical and affordable solution to shelter your home from the sun however If it is something special or different you are looking for our “New Wave” range consists of the latest in external products that are aimed to give you the special finish you are looking for.

At Oz Style due to our comprehensive product knowledge in line with our extensive technical experience allows us to give you expert advice on what products are suitable for you and the best application to achieve it. 

Let us transform your home including alfresco areas, balconies, decks etc with quality external products.

Our menu includes the following products:

Traditional Automatic Awnings

Automatic awnings aka AAuto awnings are still popular today and with Oz Style this traditional type of awning can serve you well just like it has millions before.

Choose from a range of headbox colours and fabrics and mix and match to your desire.

Fixed Guide Awnings

Ideal for areas that are not easy to access.

If the window is high up, in an awkward position, the traditional fixed guide has transformed with crank and motorized options to make it easy for you to block the harsh Australian sun out.

Choose from a range of headboxes and colours and mix and match to your hearts content.

Spring Roller Awnings

As the name suggests, inclusive of a spring in the tube, the spring roller awning can be tied down, strapped or clipped to the ground or posts.

If applicable it can also have various intermediate settings to produce a clean finish without guides , wires or channels.

Available also in a crank operation version,it’s never been easier to operate this type of awning.

Drop Arm Style awnings

Fixed or with a variable option this is simply a super product.

The variable option is possibly the most under rated product in the market today.

The traditional drop arm has the flexibilty of also acting as a hood however the variable drop arm takes things 1 step further as it also has the ability to transform into a Folding arm awning to a projection of almost 2 meters.

A drop arm awning is a great product  which can also can go down in an arc to set positions of your choosing. When completely down the drop arm awning gives the same coverage as a traditional awning. 

Zip Track awnings

The new wave of awnings have arrived, The Zip Track awning can be finished in an outdoor screen fabric, PVC and some types of acrylic to potentially enclose your pergola, alfresco area or balcony so you can use it all year round.

Available in manual operation or motorized, Zip tracks are not only designed to enclose outdoor living areas but also protect against the sun and have the ability to withstand heavy winds.

Café Blinds (Bistro Style Curtains/Awnings)

Fixed, with zips or manually rolled up the café curtain/blind caters well to tighter budgets but for those that want an outside area to be functionable.

eZIP Style Awnings

The revolutionary E-zip is a very well-designed quality product ideal for enclosing pergolas, alfresco areas or balconies.

A part of the new wave in external products it is stylish, heavy duty and aesthetically pleasing.

Available in spring, crank and motorized options the eZIP can be manufactured with PVC or with mesh fabrics to transform your outdoor areas to be functionable yet beautiful.  

The eZIP ia an ideal product that enables your oudoor living areas to be functional all year round.

Wire Guided Awnings

Another product in the new wave of awnings..

Wire guide awnings are ideal for areas that guides or channels are not possible to install.

Motorized or crank operated they give a clean look without obstructions taking your eye.

Vertishade Range of Awnings

With a sleek finish with a 95mm fully enclosed headbox as well as the 125mm for larger drops the vertishade is a quality product that has multiple uses.

With a wire guide or side channel option as well as motorized or crank options the Vertishade awning group can be mixed and matched with a large range of fabric options to transform the externals of your home.

Hoods & Canopies

Sometimes the only thing that will suffice is an old-fashioned Hood or canopy.

With 6 different designs to choose from these products are sure to add charm to your home whilst also absorbing the glare coming into your home from the sun.

Security Shutters

As the name suggests these products are great for security however they are also brilliant for noise control and provide a fantastic shield from the hot Australian sun.

In winter they are great for temperature control and heating as well.

The security shutters is also ideal for night shift workers or those sensitive to light, you can’t beat what a security shutter can provide no matter what the weather is.