Plantation shutters

Traditionally plantation shutters were a premium product that very few people could afford however in the last decade they have become more affordable.

This has come about mainly due to the materials used to manufacture them and the lower costs associated to manufacturing them in countries like China.

Originally plantation shutters were manufactured with materials such as Cedar and Alder from the forests of North America.  As these lumbers became more scarce and expensive including the expense in manufacturing them especially in western world countries it made them very expensive and less affordable for many.

Although these very expensive types of shutters are still available other materials used to manufacture the shutters have become more popular and the Chinese shutter manufacturing market have made it more affordable for many people to be able to afford them.

As a result plantation shutters are now commonly also available in materials such as MDF, engineered wood, Laminated, PVC, Paulownia, Basswood, Poplar, Foamed synthetic, Rubber wood, Aluminium etc.

Different types of shutters

Understanding quality associated to plantation shutters can be difficult as not all Shutters are the same.

Here are some tips to the consumer to assist them in getting value for their money but also to assist them on what shutters are right for them.

Forestry regulated timber is essential in ascertaining quality, unregulated timber can leak sap creating mustard looking stains and can warp, bow, crack and expand very quickly.

Generally, shutters of greater quality have the ability to be highly customized, that is they can be made in shapes, cut outs, available in different size packings, have the ability to enable requests that inferior shutters simply will not be able to accommodate.

Here is some product information to assist in understanding and evaluating shutter quaility

MDF shutters

These shutters are generally a cheaper shutter and are inot suitable for areas or climates of high moisture and wet areas. The materials are cheaper and the labor in manufacturing is also cheaper which ultimately makes them more afforable but not high quality but for the right price they can be good value!

Laminated Shutters

These shutters are generally cheaper than various other shutters and in tropical environments can delaminate very quickly. Not suitable for wet areas or areas that are prone to moisture laminated shutters quality can also vary so do your homework if you are considering this type of shutter as quality can be of concern!

Engineered Wood Shutters

These shutters are generally made by various species of timber fused together, the quality of these shutters can vary greatly. Depending on the manufacturing process painted versions of these shutters can produce fairly good results however the old saying applies, 'Paint hides many sins'. Some of these shutters are covered by calcium coating prior to being painted which can also diminish finish. Poor results and reasonable results can be achieved but buyers should ask questions and do their homework!

PVC Shutters

These shutters can fade and yellow as they age and although they are better for wet areas or areas of moisture than timber versions they can look inferior or cheap. These types of shutters are also renowned for flexing or bowing due to their excessive weight so are notn ideal for wide widths. Foamed synthetic shutters are a better option than PVC. PVC shutters are also renowned for being very restricted when it comes to orders requireing moderate or higher degree of customistaion. 

Foamed Synthetic Shutters

These shutters are generally a better option than PVC.  They are ideal for tropical environments, they perform very well in wet areas and humidity also does not hinder them. They generally outlast PVC shutters and also can have insulating properties. If the climate suits and depending on how well they are manufactured these type of shutters can be tough and ideal. The draw back on these types of shutters is that they have restrictions in customistation and colour choices and can be heavy so not ideal for wide shutters or tall shutters.

Shutters made from Paulownia, Basswood or Poplar

These shutters are generally good quality if manufactured well. For various reasons many consider this material to be the ideal material for manufacturing shutters. Lighter in weight and rigid as well as durable these lumbers produce a fine finish. The only set back to these types of shutters is that the manufacturing and material costs can make them a bit dearer however these type of shutters are renowned for having the ability for highly customized shutters. They can also be made to wider widths and can be made to many shapes so these may cost a bit more than some other shutters but generally will perform better especially over a period of time.

Rubberwood shutters

These shutters have been used to make doors and furniture with some success and in recent years shutters are also being manufactured in this material, the long-term performance of these shutters is unknown but may be a sign of things to come as this type of timber is ligh weight and grows very fast.

Aluminium shutters

Finally, the beautiful looks that plantation shutters produce has been requested to be emulated outdoors and as a result Aluminum shutters have also hit the markets. This is a fantastic product for the outdoors as it can block the sun, allow one to filter light as desired and even act as a great barrier against wind and rain. It comes in various standard powdercoated colours but it can also be customized to any powdercoated colour possible. There is also no reason why it isn't suited indoors as well! This product will become very popular but for many at the moment is an unkown!


Why Purchase your shutters from Oz Style Window Furnishings?

For starters our shutters are quality shutters at an affordable Price!

Many shutters claim to be a particular timber but are a thin veneer of laminated strips on another timber or timber composite. We only use timber that is regulated for manufacturing plantation shutters.

Our Timber shutters are made from 100% all timber so you know what you are getting without guessing!

Real Timber is 100% organic and renewable, it is recyclable and requires less energy to produce that inorganic materials. Furthermore, natural timber shutters endure for longer than their synthetic counterpart.

Our timber shutters can be fully customized!

A good sign of a quality shutter can be determined by how customised they can be manufactured.

Our shutters are available in following blade sizes

64mm, 89mm, 114mm elliptical louvre sizes

Available in special light block louvres and traditional flat louvresCome in 12 different white paints, 13 different stains, plus almost any custom colour

Available in traditional centre, side, or euro tilt rods

Can be requested to have different size stiles in flat or beaded finish

Come in various beautiful frame options to greater match your home

Many installation types available: hinged, multi-fold, sliding, tier on tier, fixed, cafe

Available in unusual shapes or with cut outs or special packing

Our timber shutters virtually have no customized limitations and can be fully customised! 

Infinite Customizations

Shapes, colours, gloss, stains, frames, no frames, solid panels, customized to your needs. Your imagination is your only limitation. 

Superior Paint and Finish

A great shutter is not created just by the materuial it is made from but also the way it is finished.

To create a flawless finish, our plantation shutters have quality 2-pack polyurethane paint, which is used in high-end cabinetry. This makes them tough and durable and beautiful to look at and touch!

Our Stained shutters are 100% selected Basswood 

We never use veneers, and our timber is specially selected to ensure even grain appearance and best look possible.

Ideal shutters for tropical environments or wet areas or areas with moisture!

Our 'Polytherm' range of shutters are ideal for areas we do not recommend timber shutters, they are ideal for bathroom, ensuites and wet areas and have a finish that makes it almost impossible to differentiate between out timber style. Do not confuse these with PVC types!

In home expert advice

Last but not least with 'Oz Style' be assured you are dealing with an expert in the industry. Depending on the requirments of the job they technically understand the pro's and cons associated to products and limitations associated with wide widths and applications. The installation method on shutter orders is just as important as the quality of the shutter and depending on the style and type of windows they are to be fitted to as well as the condition of the framework it is essential haazards and potential expectation issues be overcome or resolved which can be determined by our experts.

Last but not least our shutters come with a very impressive manufacturers warranty

Our shutters come with the following peace of mind knowing:

15 YEARS warranty on structure

5 YEARS WARRANTY on paint and custom coloured shutters

2 YEAR WARRANTY on stained shutters

Call Oz style Today for Your Free Measure & Quote on our superb shutters