About Us

At 'Oz Style' our passion is window furnishings!

Our goal is not to be the biggest window furnishings retailer but to be the best!

After almost two decades managing one of Australia's largest blind companies, it was the companies owner to create a window furnishings company who the public could trust!

It is also his vision to have a company that can back it up with friendly, high quality service and installation.

Why our Measure and Quote sets us apart from the crowd!

Our consultants are not trained sales people who may are called decor consultants, they are experienced experts in their field with superior product and technical knowledge.

We don't push a hard sale but instead give our customers a detailed quote confirming what to expect from the order, this allows us to avoid regret purchases and allows our customers to get a glimpse of what to expect from their purchase!

Contact us today for your free measure and quote to see the 'Oz Style' difference!


About OZ

Ozzie Ozaydin

Director of 'Oz Style' Window Furnishings

It was my vision after almost 2 decades of management roles at one of Australia's largest blinds company to create my dream of what i felt a window furnishings company should be like.

It was my vision to establish a company that is friendly, informative and honest

My goal is not focussed on being the largest but more about being the best!

About Oz

For the majority of my adult life I have been employed in leadership & management positions in business' and was an integral part of one of Australia’s leading blind companies for the almost 20years.

Over the years I have had a great journey in the window furnishings industry performing various roles in and out of the office.

Positions I have held over the years include Operations Manager, Technical Manager, Factory Manager, Production/Warehouse/dispatch Manager and I have also proudly managed an award winning customer service departments.

The knowledge I have gained over the years is extensive!

I have learned so much over many years working in the industry and personally trained and educated many throughout the years, i have also performed a countless amount of presentations to decor consultants, adminsitration & customer service personel and installers regarding product, expected service, systems and procedures.

Over the years I have enjoyed the challenge of being involved in many complex and large scale projects and been required for problem and dispute resolution in solving complex and emotional issues when others have made mistakes.

"For me it was always about listening and caring to customers in distress to enable us to reach an amicable resolution".

Problem solving is made so much easier when you have knowledge to enable you to know options available to overcome disputes.

I am very pleased I can give my knowledge and expertise direct to the public.

Window furnishings can give a home so much more than privacy and insulation. It can create an atmosphere, add colour and an aesthetic appeal.

Window furnishings are truly a passion of mine and I get great joy in turning customers visions into reality, transforming their homes 'inside and out'.

Try us & feel and see for yourself  the 'Oz Style' difference!

Ozzie Ozaydin


Oz Style Window Furnishings

Mission Statement

It is our companies vision to provide our customers with quality products that are value for money.

It is also to provide an experience that our customers will rave about and want to share with others.

Our Customers come first

We value our customers!

We aim to impress our customers so they can tell their family and friends about their great experience in dealing with us.

Our Team

You can only be as good as the people that represent you.

At Oz Style Furnishings it is our mantra to be surrounded and supported by reliable and highly professional people.

Our team care what our customers think of us, we care about what we do and how we do it!

Our Customer Service

At Oz Style every effort is taken to accommodate our customers!

You will find at Oz Style you are not just a number, you are valued and treated accordingly.

We listen to our customers and are caring, patient and follow through anything we start on.

We will be there for you from the beginning of the project until the products are installed.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibilty is extremely important to us.

We will only sell what we consider to be ideal for your intended use.

We do not consider a sale as important as meeting our customers’ needs and expectations.

We will inform our customers regarding product and application.

We will advice the pro's and cons of a product and application so our customers make a well informed decision.

We will always finish off what we start!