Promotions & Information

At Oz Style Window Furnishings we aim to give our customers a positive experience when purchasing window furnishings and coverings so they will reccomend us to their friends about our high quality service and quality.

Furthermore, we will not only match but beat any written quote for a order that is deemed to be same/similar in product, quality and installation.

The information you will obtain in dealing with us will enable you to make an infomed decision no matter what product you decide to purchase. There will be no regrets!

If your need or requirement is complex and or difficult and you are not sure what is suitable for the window or area, give Oz Style a call and take the guess work out of it.

When others say," it can't be done" Oz Style will determine if what you are asking for is simply too difficult for other's to do or if it is truly impossible.

(Seniors discount available and loyalty rewards also available)


Free Measure & Quote

At Oz Style you will feel the difference from your first contact you have with us and especially at the 'measure and quote' stage.

We view the 'measure and quote' stage as one of the most important stages when purchasing window furnishings, it is at this point where expectations are created and and potential dissapointments at the end of the project are avoided.

When dealing with other companies you will be seen by a sales person however as 'Oz Style' you will notice that you are being consulted by an expert in the industry who has years of product and technical experience.

Why is our Measure and Quote different?

At Oz Style we don't view our initial appointment as a 'measure and quote' but more importantly an opportunity for us to assess what our customer is looking for or wants.

Based on questions we ask and feed back from our customerthis allows us to ensure what is being selected and how it will be installed will meet our customers intended use!

We 'know our stuff' which enables us to pass on advice to you in relation to products, features and benefits but also their down falls and limitations.

Generally your window frames and architraves will determine the best installation method possible. As a result we also look at the best installation method for the product/s selected keeping in mind our customers expectations. 

If you are looking for suggestions and ideas and are not sure what you want we are very pleased to offer suggestions and consult you based on the thousands of projects we have been a part of over the years.

Meeting our customers expectations is of utmost importance to us which is why we listen 1st and then consult after.

You will also notice we aren't trained sales people as we don't push a hard sale, we don't want 'regret purchases' so we show patience with you and will proceed with an order when our customers are 100% committed and ready.

After a thorough consultation our customers feel informed and confident to make a decision on what products will look great, serve them well and be fit for their intended use .

Whether it is blinds, curtains, shutters or awnings that you are looking for, we have it or can source it for you!

Call today and book in your FREE measure and quote and feel the Oz Style difference.

All Our Products come with a 5 year warranty

Oz Style Window Furnishings products are not covered by our warranty but also our manufacturer’s warranty

(Most of our products come with a 5 year warranty however exemptions can apply)

Warranty on motors and accessories can vary and will be informed to customer on measure and quote  

Warranty Terms & Conditions

At Oz Style Window furnishings, it is our intention to provide our customers the best quality products, highest quality in installation and the most reliable customer service and after care service that gives our customers peace of mind. 

We will follow through if any issues or problems arise no matter what the issue may be

1st 12 months after installation

Any service call request made within the 1st 12 months after installation will be at no charge.

This includes no service charges and no addition costs for any product or component malfunction unless deemed to be caused by misuse or abuse.

Beyond 12 months after installation

The warranty of a product is 5 years however if in the case a service call is requested after 12 months after installation "an installer observation service call out fee” is applicable. ($100 call out fee)

If the issue is not assessed to be due to general “wear and tear” or not due to “misuse or abuse” any subsequent repair work required including installer costs will be at no charge

Covered Under Warranty

Any issue deemed to be related to general “wear and tear” of the product or issue deemed to be caused by misuse or abuse will not be covered under the warranty terms and conditions.

If the product or issue can be fixed then “Oz Style Window furnishings” will advise our customer accordingly with a written quote.

If an issue can be fixed on the spot on most occasions we will fix it for you anyway for no extra charge.

Not Covered Under Warranty

Any product issues related to cords, zips or ropes will not be covered under warranty unless assessed otherwise by the Oz Style Technican.

Any issue or problem caused by misue or abuse of the product will also not be covered by warranty, the issue or problem may be possible to repair however repair charges will be notifed in a quote.

Installer Observation Call Out Fee

If a service call is requested after 12 months upon installation a $100.00 “Installer observation service call out fee” is applicable prior to any repair work required on any product.

Repair Required beyond Warranty Period

If a problem with any product is not covered under warranty or after warranty has expired and was purchased from ‘Oz Style Window Furnishings’ a written quote including description of repair work required will be provided to the customer.

An installer observation service call out fee is applicable to obtain the quote

Quotes for repair must be approved by the customer and a min 50% deposit must be paid prior to any repair work order commencing.